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Jessica Toscano & Katana

Founder/Head Trainer

Hi everyone, and welcome! My name is Jessica Toscano, and Katana is my right hand, my motivator, my dog. We invite you to get to know us a little better and learn a bit about our background! I founded Katana K-9 Academy with the mission to create a world of communication between human and dog. Growing up in a family that always owned dogs, my admiration for them continued to grow. Determined to work with animals, I pursued a career in animal science, which then led me to the field of dog training. I gained many years of experience working hands on, rehabilitating dogs with behavioral issues such as anxiety, aggression, and overall typical bad habits. I also learned the trade of Protection training, which absolutely fascinated me. It was later that a friend approached me and said he had a dog who he had given to a family that was neglecting her. A beautiful Belgian Malinois. He asked if I could take her, as she was now out of control and had begun to be aggressive towards humans. Now if you should know anything about a Malinois, it is the fact that they are considered crazy, with an endless amount of energy, and are hard to control. I knew if I didn't take her, she would keep getting re-homed or be put down. I decided to adopt her, without even realizing she would change my life forever. Her name would become Katana. I immdeiatly began workin g with her, and a few weeks later she had become a completely different dog. She was now sweet, and accepted the love of a human. Nonetheless, she was still her spunky self, but she now had direction, and knew her boundaries and limitations. This is the moment that led me to decide I wanted to help as many people and dogs as I possibly could. I wanted to save dogs lives, and became my goal to open a facility, free of judgment, and where I could put back together the broken links between a dog and their owner. We live in a world where dogs are a part of the family, and if allowed, I would love to show you how to communicate with them.

Eugenio Alonso Moreno


Hello my name Eugenio! I work as a dog trainer here at Katana K-9 Academy but I never thought I would be so into doing what I do now. It all started as a side job to help me while I went to school, and I figured that it would help me get through, but never imagined that it would become my passion and something that I would fall in love with; so much that I wake up everyday excited and ready to go to work. I never thought of the impact these precious pets would have on me. Especially now that I have learned to understand and communicate with them, it opened an entirely different world for me to be in and enjoy everyday. It has given me a chance to be with these marvelous creatures and work with others to better facilitate the bond between owner and dog and give them life-changing moments.

Natasha Toscano


Hi guys! My name is Natasha, and I am happy to be a part of the Katana K-9 Academy team! I help wherever I’m needed, whether its organizing files, editing videos, or working on social media. I love the fact that I get to be around so many different dogs, and get to do the fun stuff, like play with them during breaks, and prepare their meals when the rest of the team is busy doing what they do best-Training! It’s so interesting to learn new things everyday about dogs, for example how to tell when they are relaxed vs when they are uncomfortable, and how to handle them with proper care. When I am not working, I am outdoors, either hiking or at the Beach. I love exploring, and feel so fulfilled taking in all of Mother Nature’s beauty! I love it when I am asked to take dogs on hiking trips, and being rewarded for doing the things I enjoy the most!