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Obedience Training

Board and Train Programs                                        $1,200-$4,000  


Our Board and Trains programs are the most effective and most popular because it allows us to work one-on-one with your dog, targeting the specific problem or needs. It also allows your dog to get to know us better as we work side by side all day, enabling them to be more confident and willing to learn.

Board and Train consist of:

  • Focused indoor training
  • Outdoor training with distractions
  • Socialization with other dogs and people
  • Agility training (available for 3 weeks+ programs)


This program covers all basic commands:

  • Sit, Down, Up, Place, Heel, Come


We also cover important household boundaries and rules such as:

  • Crate Training, Waiting at Thresholds (Doors, Cars,)
  • Counter Surfing, drop it, Jumping, Barking/Whining 
  • Nipping, Mouthing


 3 week + programs go more into to root of the problem such as:

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression
  • Human Aggression
  • Resource Guarding
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fear Issues
  • Leash Reactivity


If  your dog does not exhibit these type of issues, but would like to work on Behavior Modification and have a fully Off-Leash trained dog that will listen to you each time you call them, then our 3 week + program is the right fit for you. 


We include 4 hours total of one-on-one training with you and your dog: 2 hours initially at our facility where we will provide you with all the information and guidance needed to ensure the training is maintained and your dog remains obedient back at home; 1 hour at your home the day after your dog returns from the program; 1 hour follow-up at your home or location within mile radius; email, web, and phone support to encourage you and provide answers to help with your newly trained dog.

Board and Train Prices


2 Week (10 days) On-Leash Bootcamp: $1,200

3 Week (21 days) Intermediate Off-Leash Program$2,500

4 Week (28 days) Advanced / Rehabilitation Program: $3,300

5 Week (35 days) Expert / Rehabilitation Program: $4,000


We specialize in low level, communication style e-collar training, and will be happy to share our approach with you to become more familiarized with this exciting tool! 

*Please visit our FAQ page for more information regarding our training techniques.



Our unique state-of-the-art technique helps to create a stronger bond between dog and owner, and is one of the most humane and effective approaches to training. If you are looking to have your dog roaming free off leash with complete freedom, stop him from running into busy streets, or avoid picking up and eating toxic foods, then our approach can give you a piece of mind of having a safe and happy dog!  

Private One-on-One Session Package                             $300-$450

This package is the right fit for you if you are looking to do more hands on training with your dog. The initial session is an hour and a half; it will consist of an evaluation of your dog, followed by one-on-one training. The following 4 sessions will be one hour each, where we will go straight into training with you and your dog.  


In these 5 sessions we will cover all on leash basic commands such as:

  • sit, down, place and come. 

We will also be addressing issues on walks such as:

  • leash pulling and barking. 

We specialize in low level, communication style e-collar training, and are excited to open this option for you! 

Our goal at Katana K-9 Academy is to create a happier and well-balanced lifestyle for you and your dog. Our unique approach has proved to enhance the way dogs respond to training, which has led us to be highly successful in transforming dogs and getting them to how you have always imagined your dog to be!  


*Dogs with any human or dog aggression are not eligible for our one-on-one sessions due to the safety of everyone involved, as these situations require more time to achieve the results we are looking for.  


Private Session Prices  

*$450 at your home 

 $300 at our training facility

*within a 15 mile radius



A dog is a natural protector.  They become part of the family, and turn into a Man’s best friend. Our approach uses your dog’s natural instincts to train them to protect your family and home. Having your dog properly trained by us means you will have a confident, well balanced companion, that will provide 24/7 security anywhere you go. Both you and your dog will benefit from our program, as the level of communication and trust will increase, making them loving family dogs, and giving you the peace of mind of having a reliable bodyguard. Not every dog has the genetic potential to become a personal protection dog, which is why we carefully help you select the right dog that will best fit your lifestyle and training goals. A full evaluation will be made if you would like us to work with your current dog.

We offer various levels of training, starting with Bitework Development, and continue through Bodyguard training. Every dog going through this program will be fully off-leash trained, knowing  obedience commands from long distances such as sit/stay, down/stay, place, heel with automatic sit, and recall (coming when called) with high levels of distraction.

Please contact us for more information regarding this program.



BITEWORK DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                  $6,000

Designed to develop your dog’s bite through conditioning and strengthening of the jaw. Various tug tools are used such as jute pillows and bite bars. This will begin to boost your dog’s confidence level, and will be introduced to a variety of challenging scenarios where they are encouraged to hold their grip down until given the release command.

Duration of program: 50 Days


PERSONAL PROTECTION                                                                                                       $9,600

A protection dog works well under stressful situations given a dangerous environment. Your dog will first warn a person with a growl to stop any attempt to raise voice or show aggression towards you or your family, and will not hesitate to use its powerful jaw to make sure you are safe. A trained protection dog will not back down even if the aggressor is yelling or being violent, and will only stop when commanded by its owner.

Duration of program: 80 Days


BODYGUARD PROTECTION                                                                                                   $14,500

This course is designed to teach your dog the skills to withstand multiple aggressors or weapons. Your dog will ensure yours and your family’s security by assessing the situation and making decisions on its own to protect, given you are not able to give the command. Extensive guarding techniques are demonstrated through role playing various scenarios in which your dog will apprehend the perpetrator in a vehicle, inside a home, or out in public.

Duration of program: 100 Days




$40-$80 Board and play is only available for our Alumnis! This is a great way for them to socialize with other dogs in a safe, controlled environment, and will keep your dog happy and healthy. Agility is offered as an added option and is a great experience which will exercise their mind and body. All dogs sleep and rest in individual crates, and come out to play together several times during the day. We love to see our students back again, for play and fine-tuning, so please come visit!

$50/day Board & Play w/agility
$80/ day * Board & Play w/Training tune-up

*45-Minute training tune-up targeting specific need (walks, socialization, obedience w/distractions, field trips, etc)



Price: $130

Schedule: 6 weekly classes, 1 hour in length

Held both Saturday & Sunday only

*Dog must not show any signs of aggression towards humans or other dogs

*Enrolling in one of our 3 week+ programs will include the agility your dog will need if there are signs of aggression present. Please visit our Board & Train page to learn more about how we can help!


Agility is a fun sport that both you and your dog can enjoy together! Agility classes are a great way to bond, as you guide your dog through hoops, tunnels, weaving poles and climbing walls. This obstacle course is full of surprises that will surely keep your dog active. This course is perfect for all breeds and sizes, as we adjust the level of difficulty to make it fun for your dog each time! Agility helps to build confidence in all dogs, even those who suffer from anxiety and stress, as they overcome the challenges the obstacle course offers, making them feel accomplished and willing to explore new things. From the unmotivated dog, to the one with excessive energy, our agility course will be one of their favorite things to do! Please visit our Board & Play page if you would love your dog to stay active and healthy, but do not have the time to accompany them!

Tricks & Fun Activities Coming Soon

Hiking Adventures

Fun Tricks

Swimming Lessons


Fresh Cut Canines


Bath Only: 

1lb-25lbs: $20

25lbs-40lbs: $25

Over 40lbs: $30

Bath and Cut:

1lb-25lbs: $35

25lbs-40lbs: $45

Over 40lbs: $55

*rates vary depending on behavioral demeanor.

Phone consultation will be provided to asses your dog


All services include:

Nail trim

Ear cleaning

Anal Gland expression

Doggy Perfume


Add-ons available:

*Teeth cleaning: $5

  De-shedding treatment: $10


*Teeth cleaning consists of mild tooth brushing, and does not remove plaque. Please visit your local Veterinarian for extensive dental work.


Feline grooming now available! Please inquire for more information and restrictions.


*We are not a mobile groomer, we do exclusive in home grooming within a 15 miles radius and/or at our training facility. Please inquire for further details.


Available on Saturdays and Sundays