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Welcome to Katana K-9 Academy! We specialize in family dog obedience and home protection training. From puppy guidance to aggressive behavior, We implement the foundation of obedience through balanced training to transform your dog back into being a great companion. Our unique method of training will encourage your dog to understand what is being asked of them, and will motivate you to work with each other as a team. Many dog owners are losing hope each day because they are being told their dog is untrainable, too aggressive, or too old to train. This is a lie, and we wish to see it diminished.

There are too many dogs in need of help that are begin re-homed or considered for euthanization due to this misconception, and we are proud to say we have been able to give back hope to hundreds of dog owners struggling with this problem. We are happy to work with any situation such as anxiety, aggression, excesive energy, leash pulling, jumping, barking, running out the door, not coming when called, stealing food and any other behavior issues you might be dealing with! we are here to help you take the next step toward having your dog, big or small, be obedient, with a calm state of mind in no time! Does this mean your dog is going to stop being its normal self that everyone loves? Absolutely not! we are not here to change their personality, we are here to enable your dog to make the right choice and adapt to a well rounded lifestyle that your family can enjoy.




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Videos Home 1

Ash’s Aggression 3 Week Transformation!


We hope you enjoy watching Ash's story as she transforms from being an all around aggressive dog, to being the most lovable pet one could ever ask for! When Ash came to us, we could not approach her without her attempting to bite, as was the case if any dog got near her. This pup went through our 3 weeks rehabilitation program, and went home as a new dog with no more fear of people or dogs.

Videos Home 3

Rusty's Off-Leash Obedience Training- 3 Week Board & Train


Rusty came to us full of puppy energy, jumping all over the place, running out the door, and not listening to any commands at all! In only 3 weeks we were able to get him to focus on us, and behave like the perfect puppy should. Rusty can now follow all commands off-leash, and is now the dog his family deserves!